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Pilonia — is not just a camp.
Do you want to know why?
For almost 5 years, our team has been conducting large-scale dance camps in Sochi, Crimea, Sri Lanka and even the Maldives!
Yes, the world's first pole on a desert island is our job:)

Why us?
We have already conducted about 20 Camps and during this time we have accumulated more than 850 reviews. Some of them (about 250 in total, you can read on this site).
We organize everything, help you choose the best time for arrival and departure, transfer, accommodation, meals, training program, out-of-training, excursions and recreation.
Customers don't come to us! Guests come to us, and friends leave. And it really is!
Just read the feedback and check it out for yourself ! Come here!
All camps in 2022:
Camp 29
Feb 28 - Mar 12 2022
Sochi, Rosa Khutor
Camp 37
Dec 2-11 2022
Camp 36
Nov 16-26, 2022
Sri Lanka
International Сamp (training in English and Russian)
Mar 22 - 31 2022
How does everything work?
We have a General camp Pilonia, consisting of:

  • Pole Dance Camp
  • Exotic Pole Camp
  • Aerial acrobatics camp
  • Zumba® Camp

let's Say you want to go to Exotic Pole Camp – your main direction will be Exotic Pole, and Pole Dance, Air, Stretching, Yoga, fitness will be as additional ones.

This way you will get the most interesting program for you.
About the camp's training directions.
What will happen in the Camp Pilonia?
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Training and recreation
On each training day, you will have 7-8 classes in different areas of training.

But we want you to have a rest!

Therefore, every third day is a day of  rest.
We will prepare a program of excursions for you.
Groups by level of training — it won't be boring :)
Of course, we will divide you into groups by level, so that both beginners and pros will be interested.

Didn't you guess your level? You will be able to move to another group without any problems!

Beginners about 30 percent, so do not be afraid.
Feedback from our guests:
Already accumulated more than 850 reviews - thank you!!
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Have you completed your training?
It's time to rest!
Camp PILONiA is not only a huge number of classes.

Parties, joint walks, excursions, Competitions, photo shoots and many other interesting things are waiting for you!

Take your husbands and boyfriends with you — they'll have something to do.

It is also possible for children, but up to 16 years only accompanied by an adult (this can be a coach), and from 16 to 18 years-by a notarized power of attorney.
We are waiting for you this year!
Choose a camp, and we will organize everything else: transfers, training, recreation and the most pleasant — the atmosphere.
Let's chat or talk on the phone - I'll try to help you.
Do you still have any questions?
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