Pilonia Camp in Crimea — you would love to come back!

Camp 26
4-13 Sep 2021
Experienced coaches, incendiary parties, new acquaintances, dancing around the campfire on the shore of the night sea… Are you with us?
Feel the atmosphere of the camp in the Crimea
Watch the video from this location
How will this happen in 2021?
Look! And come here!
Belaya Rus, Andreevka, Crimea.
Closed territory.
Your own pool.
The sea is only 7-8 minutes
on foot.
Outdoor areas + Halls without poles +
Hall with poles
(2 training areas, 18 poles)
On the day you will have
7-8 classes
on the training day!

Pole Dance
Exotic Pole
Pole Contemp
Pole Art
Aerial acrobatics

Every third day is a day of rest.
The rest days will be very active!

Gorgeous sea, beach, bathhouse, photo shoots, swimming pool, extra-training program and many, many interesting things!
The team of trainers
  • Kristina Brodeckaya
    Exotic Pole
    Exotic Pole tricks
    Floorwork Exotic
  • Mark Bukhantsov
    Pole Dance
    Pole tricks
  • We are waiting for confirmation
    Air ring
    Air paintings
    The original shells
  • Yana Katorchka
    Pole Dance
    Pole tricks
  • Irina Erokho
    Exotic Pole
    Exotic Pole tricks
    Floorwork Exotic
  • We are waiting for confirmation
    Air ring
    Aerial canvases
    Original shells
  • Victoria Mozhina
  • We are waiting for confirmation
    Air ring
    Aerial canvases
    Original shells
  • Alexey Poryadnov
    Pole Dance
    Pole tricks
  • We are waiting for confirmation
    Air ring
    Aerial canvases
    Original shells
Come with us!
03-15 August 2021
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Distribution of groups
On the training day, there will be 2-3 hours in the MAIN direction
+ several training sessions in additional areas.
Groups by level
Group 1
The main direction of Pole Dance, level 1
A simpler group
We divide by the main direction Pole Dance
or Exotic Pole or Aerial Acrobatics
The group is more complex
Group 2
The main direction of Pole Dance, level 2
Thus, we make an optimal program that will be interesting both for those who prefer Pole Dance, and for those who prefer more Exotic Pole.
Both beginners and pros.
A total of 7-8 classes per training day.
Do you want even more training? Without problems, you can take training sessions with your favorite trainer in mini-groups + individuals.

Aerial Acrobatics
Groups by level
Group 3
Exotic Pole main course, Level 1
A simpler group
The group is more complex
Group 4
Exotic Pole main course, Level 2
Groups by level
Group 5
The main direction of the Air, level 1
A simpler group
The group is more complex
Group 6
The main direction of the Air, level 2
  • Pole Dance Camp
    Additional directions:
    Exotic Pole Stretching Fitness Workout Stripplastic
  • Exotic Pole Camp
    Additional directions:
    Pole Dance Stretching Fitness Workout Stripplastic
  • Aerial Acrobatics Camp
    Additional directions:
    Exotic Pole Stretching Fitness Workout Stripplastic
  • Workout for guys
    Доп. направления:
    Pole dance · Exotic Pole · Stretching
Training and recreation
We make the program in such a way that you would not only train, but also rest. So we use the 2+1 system.

This means that you will have an alternation:

Two training days → Rest dayTwo training days → Rest Day, etc.

This helps you recover from intense workouts and relax (go for a ride on the board or just relax in the hotel).
About training
In every training day, you will have 6 - 7 hours of  classes!

You choose your main direction, for example, Exotic Pole.

This means that your main training sessions will be in Exotic Pole, but you will definitely be in additional areas, for example: Pole Dance, Exotic Pole, Yoga, Stretching, Aerial Acrobatics, Zumba, etc.
About recreation
We organize your leisure time. This means that both after training and during the rest days you will have something to do.

  • The sea is a 7 - minute walk away
  • Trips on Excursions
  • Evening Board games
  • Hiking and hiking in the mountains
  • Dancing by the campfire on the night beach
  • Boating and swimming in the open sea.
And this is not all that awaits you!

Example of a schedule for the main
Exotic Pole program.
A boost of energy for the whole day!
In the pole hall.
P. S. Want to sleep - oversleep =)
Music, strips, poles, mirrors...
Let's go!!
Buffet, unlimited access
Morning Workout
After spiritual food, it is necessary to physically refresh yourself.
Yeah.... Relax..!!
Entertainment program from our show presenter!
Be sure to take part! You'll like it!
You can indulge yourself
Do not forget that 3 meals a day is already included in the price!
You definitely need it!
Or maybe it will be woodwork.
Or a choreo, or floorwork tricks.
Yes, you can also dance on the floor. And we will give this opportunity
Let's Floorwork!
It can also be Pole Art or Pole Contemp. But also on the pole
Diversify the pole
Well done! Well trained - and it is necessary to restore strength
We need to eat !
Back on the pole!
Learn new bundles, tricks, and elements! Poor strips...
Time to relax
After training, stretching is very useful. Stretch and recover
P.S.We are preparing a very extensive and interesting program for you. But we do not oblige you to attend training sessions. Are you tired, do you want to rest? You can skip it without any problems!
With the main program of Pole Dance-the emphasis of training is not on Exotic, but on Pole Dance
7:00 Yoga
08:30 Breakfast
09:30 Exotic Pole
11:00 Stripplastic
13:00 Pole Dance
14:00 Lunch
16:30 Exotic Pole
15:00 Exotic Floorwork
18:00 Stretching
19:00 Dinner
Extra-training program
Here's what the camp participants say:

We are proud of your feedback!!!

Unfortunately, we can't upload everything to the site - it takes a very long time to load the page. But we placed about 250. We can send you the rest of feedback at your request. And additional reviews on our instagram @PoleDanceCampPilonia
Already accumulated more than
850 reviews-thank you! ❤️
Come with us!
03-15 August 2021
Fill out the form now and fix favorable conditions!
The starting point
of the Crimea
Imagine, our first camp was held in the Crimea!

It was August 2016, and then we didn't know that in 4 years, hundreds of people would visit our camps all over the world.

But we are again holding a camp in the  favorite place, so you can feel this unimaginable atmosphere!
About the location
We will stay at the recreation center in Andreevka (Crimea).

For you, there will be a swimming pool, three meals a day, as well as the sea in 7-8 minutes on foot!

This is not the first time we have held camp here, so we took into account all the wishes of the participants  as possible:)

Take your husband, boyfriend, children with you— they always have something to do, it will not be bored!

And  yes, the airport is only 1 hour away!
Training areas
Four locations. 400 m² training space.
18 Pole4You poles + 9 suspensions+stage + 2#nbspSummer pole
Pole Dance and Exotic Pole Hall — 9 poles in each location (18 poles in total)
9 suspensions, 6 m ceilings. For air, acrobatics, pumping and stretching
What price plan is right for you?
Choose the accommodation option, and if you want,
we will select your neighbors:)
To make a reservation, you just need to pay 25%
Type of placement
4 days
7 deys
10 days
occupancy (for 1 per)
15 000₽
29 900₽
35 000₽
🔥 Triple - quadruple occupancy (за 1 per)
13 000₽
28 000₽
29 900₽
occupancy (за 1 per)
26 000₽
58 000₽
66 000₽
2 adults. 1 complete training package +1 partial,
foom room
26 000₽
58 000₽
66 000₽
(2 adults + 1 child under 12 years old).
1 ull training package +1 partial,
for room.
28 000₽
65 000₽
72 000₽
What is included in the price:
- Accommodation in comfortable rooms
- About 45 workshops
- Three meals a day
- Non-training program (parties, contests, performances)
- Backstage photo and video shooting
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